Cheap Skulls

LostAlone - O2 Academy Islington, London, 31/03/12

LostAlone could be playing a shed but they’d still treat it like a stadium. They’d still get one half of the crowd to shout ‘Lost”, the other half ‘Alone’. And their sound backs this up, completely. Basically - they’re the emo Iron Maiden. As unlikely as it sounds that would work, it does. Emo wasn’t exactly cool for anybody over 15, and yeah, it is kinda 2006 - BUT, get this - if you take the genre’s image, the OTT ridiculous, despairing lyrics and marry them with huge, huge, huge choruses, whacking great mega riffs and more guitar solos than is even vaguely necessary  then, yeah… Yeah, it’s safe as fuck! O.K. Sometimes its a bit cheesy, and it’s desperately uncool, and LostAlone are out of time with everything, but that’s good - they’re cutting their own path. If they had been around ten years ago, they would have been written off in the fallout of emo/nu-metal/post-stuff that was going on, but here and now they know how to rock and they’ve got some tunes as fuck, and it works. I mean, inME (as it may, or may not be written) were on afterwards, and after three of their boring, by numbers stadium metal, Staind-ish bullshit songs, I was out. LostAlone may not be the megafuture we’re waiting for, but they rock it better than most bands that get played on Radio1 or whatever. Guess they just gotta get a mascot to fight at the end of the set now. How about A big inflatable overweight zombie goth girl who sprays goo at them from her self harm wounds? Too far? Nah.